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Project Brief 

The project initially was to create a logo for “Verve FM Consultancy” who are specialist support for service providers and product suppliers to the facilities management sector.

About Verve FM

“Verve provides an expert consultancy to service providers, product suppliers and organisations looking to market their offering into the ever expanding facilities management sector.
Verve provides a range of services that will support organisations in achieving their marketing goals and commercial objectives, as well as creating relevant content-led projects that will help raise their profile in the sector.
Verve knows how the FM industry works, and understands how suppliers operate in the various FM disciplines. Through experience of working with countless FM organisations over the years, an understanding can be quickly established with the client, and solutions can be created to help improve presence, profile and achieve overall organisation objectives.”

The project later progressed into the design of a business card and Verve FM Consultancy social media pages which included Linkedin and Twitter pages.

Project Delivery

After consultation with the Director John Nahar we completed a project brief to understand how the logo, business card and social media pages should fit with the company and is services.
I created a number of designs for the logo and this included a number of colour schemes. Once John had reviewed the designs we looked a tweaking the designs so that the colours matched the chosen logo.

Once the design of the logo was finalised I set upon designing a business card that would fit the colour scheme chosen for his brand. John said that he wanted a simple but effective design, therefore we chose a simple logo design for the back of the card and his contract details on the front.

John then asked if I could design the headers for his social media pages, so to carry on the theme and branding of his company I created a number of designs to fit each and every site.



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