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Project Brief 

As the social media manager for Integral UK Limited, I looked at helping promote our Integral Build division.

The division is our nationwide solution for every aspect of interior fit-out and refurbishment. From office and reception redesign to country-wide remodelling programmes and deliver rapid one-off projects or ongoing support services for roll-out programmes, working across the retail, financial services, public sector, leisure and commercial sectors.

As they have a great portfolio of works to their name and hundreds of high quality photos, I came up with the idea to create a short promotional video to assist with their tender submissions and marketing campaigns.

Project Delivery

After contacting the department, they sent me a large selection of photos that they had taken from their previous projects. From there I created the video using adobe after effects. The project took just over 4 days to complete from start to finish.

Project Impact

The video has been used the divisions marketing and has been added to their out going emails, newsletters and on their Twitter feeds @Integralbuild

Promotional Video


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