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Project Brief

I was approached by Hexagon FM to help them create a number marketing and promotional items to help them communicate their values to their clients and candidates, as they have a strong brand reputation for being a recruitment company that delivers an honest and ethical service.

Hexagon FM

“We want to challenge the stigma attached to the recruitment industry and change people’s perceptions. We are people who want to help, not just with recruitment but the wider Facilities Management and Waste Industry. We treat people as we want to be treated, we are honest, ethical, helpful, creative and hard working.”

Project Delivery 

To get the projects started and to ensure I really understood what the client was looking for,  I sent out a detailed project brief to Hexagon FM so I can get a full understanding of what is required for these projects. Once received, I worked closely with Nicola at Hexagon to create a number of designs which portrayed their company ethics of:

  • Honesty

  • Ethical

  • Hardworking

  • Trusted Advisor

  • Expertise

Therefore throughout my partnership with Hexagon FM I have been tasked to create the following designs which included:

  • Flyers

  • Roller Banners

  • Magazine Adverts

  • Social Media Delivery

  • Website and Social Media Banners (Including Twitter, Linkedin, Linkedin Careers Page and Google+)

  • Animated Social Media Posts

  • Social Media Thumbnails

Partnership Impact 

Nicola Lathbury, Managing Director at Hexagon FM, comments:

“We have really enjoyed working with Lee as he has an understanding of our industry and how our clients like to be reached. Lee is creative, hard-working and really passionate about what he does. People have given positive feedback on our design work and we have been happy to recommend him to others.

He has helped us develop a recognised brand presence which is helping us attract customers by getting our name and values into the market place. People recognise they share the same values and open to working with us.

We will be continuing to work with Lee in the future as he has not only done a great job for us, but has become integrated into our team of “Trusted Advisors” whom we partner with.”

Hexagon FM – Job Promotion Project

Hexagon FM – Job Promotion Project



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