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My journey with Haig&Co

I’ve now been working in partnership with Haig&Co for just over 8 months.

Our working relationship started when Damian Navas (Director & Co-Founder) noticed one of my GIF animations on Hexagon FM’s social media feeds and contacted me to see if I could create some bespoke designs for Haig&Co.

Since then our partnership has blossomed and I have created and delivered various projects to enhance and promote the services of Haig&Co from social media designs to full video productions.

GIF Animations and Videos

Working with Damian, I created a short animation template that could be used to promote Haig&Co’s latest career opportunities which would be delivered via Haig&Co’s social media feeds.  This gave them as a huge advantage over the competition as no other recruitment agency had ever used this new advertising technique before.

After finding a little loop-hole in Linked In’s social media feeds in the summer of 2015 this enabled us promote the new opportunities quickly and effectively and using my extensive knowledge Damian bought one of my social media packages to deliver the GIF animations on behalf of Haig&Co. (see GIF example below)

However, in the winter of 2015 Linked In had put stop to hosting GIF’s on its feeds but Twitter and Google+ still offered this medium.

We all know that people are just too busy to ready lengthy documents these days and after reading the following statement:

“It’s no secret video is becoming a bigger and bigger part of company’s’ inbound marketing strategies and last year alone, researchers found that coloured visuals increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%.”

We looked at moving away from the short animations and looked into producing short videos through YouTube.

Now in 2016 we have created a whole new template and now produce videos for their latest opportunities. Using YouTube’s internal services these videos include direct hyperlinks in the form of Annotations and Cards, thus giving our audience a “call-to-action” directly inside the video. (Check out the Haig&Co Career Opportunity Video Template below)

These videos a proving to be very popular and we now are seeing a lot of traffic on back and forth from the YouTube channel and the website.

Networking Event Project

In February 2016 Damian asked me to create a bespoke marketing package for their latest networking event which will be hosted with Synapse on 9th March in Birmingham. The package included a bespoke video, poster, event invitation and social media delivery.

Working intensively with both Haig&Co and Synapse we finalised the whole project in less than 4 weeks. The project will be advertised on all social media platforms and directly through email.

(Check out the Haig&Co Networking Event Promotional Video below)

Graphic Design Services

I have also been providing Haig&Co with various graphic designs services from posters to social media banners and invitations and with our relationship going strength to strength I’m sure that 2016 will be another busy year.

Should you have any questions or would like more information about the services I provide to Haig&Co please get in touch at lee@leemurfittdesigns.co.uk

Motion Graphics and Video Portfolio

Haig&Co Career Opportunity Video Template  January 2016

Haig&Co Networking Event Promotional  Video February 2016

Haig&Co Social Networking Promotional Video February 2016

Haig&Co Career Opportunity Video Template  January 2016

Haig&Co Talent Wars Video December 2015

Haig&Co Career Opportunity Template Video 2015

Motion Graphics and GIF Portfolio




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