Project Brief

Over the last 18 months I’ve been involved in the British Institute of Facilities Management within the North Region and have created a number of posters in the aid of promoting their networking events.
BIFM North (West) holds five key learning events each year with the main theme around Facilities Management.
In 2014 they had the following themes to their events:

• Insight into FM Event – January 2014
• Career Development Event – March 2014
• Sustainability Event – May 2014
• Social Media Event – September 2014
• Collaborative Partnerships Event – November 2014

For this a poster was designed to enhance the social media promotions of these events.

To-date I still design the posters for each and every event for BIFM in the North West Region.

Project Delivery

For each and every poster a design brief was completed by the BIFM North team with details of the event and the theme of the poster. The designs we completed using the British Institute of Facilities Management internal brand guidelines ensuring that I kept to the same branding throughout.

Project Impact 

Using posters to promote the BIFM North events has help them to continually sell out their events, for instance I created a poster for their event in March 2015 and I have been informed that their event was sold out within 48 hours!


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