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April’s Newsletter

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Bespoke Social Media Animations.

Are you looking a new way to catch the attention of your social media audience LeeMurfittdesigns.co.uk

Do you want your message to stand out from the crowd when there scrolling through everyone’s updates? Well if so, why not try a bespoke animation and social media delivery package from Lee Murfitt Designs.

My Approach

I’ll work closely with your company to create and design your very own bespoke animations for your company profile posts and If you choose to use my social media delivery package I’ll also deliver your bespoke animations to the various social media platforms (inc Linked In, Twitter and Google+) to maximise the exposure to your “BIG” social media updates, for those messages that just have to be noticed!

Did you know

  • In 2014, the use of video content in B2B marketing increased by 8% to 58% and the use of infographics increased 9% to 52% in digital marketing plans. (Source: demandgenreport)
  • Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than those without (source: buffer)
  • 95% of B2B buyers prefer short content formats (source:demandgenreport)


Why choose me?

I can offer a real one-to-one service and I’ll also guarantee that you’ll be partnering alongside someone who is genuinely committed to creating your perfect design for your animation/social media project.

Not convinced? Check out some of my Recent Recommendations from my customers. 

Still interested? Then why not get in touch at lee@leemurfittdesigns.co.uk and let’s plan you’re next BIG social media update.

Here are just a few of my most recent examples:

Haig & Co  – Twitter Promotion Project 


Haig & Co  – Social Media Promotion Concept 


Hexagon FM – Social Media Promotion Project


Hexagon FM – Job Promotion Project


Haig & Co – Is your Boss the Devil Project


EBS-Accountants Introduction Project


Hexagon FM – Job Promotion Project


Haig & Co – Job Promotion Project


BIFM North  – Event Promotion Project



BIFM North  – Event Promotion Project

Will you be there? #BIFMNrthball15


BIFM North  – Event Promotion Project

“Wood Love It” Logo and Branding Designs.

I’ve just completed a personal project for a family member, whereby I created a bespoke logo design for their new wood cutting business called “Wood Love It”. As part of the overall design process one of the first jobs of the project was to develop a logo for their brand.

The next step was to develop various draft logo concepts, basing some ideas on the initial thoughts designed in adobe Illustrator.

Planning ahead to the design of the website and brand marketing, I knew that a wood theme would be used therefore I developed the logos on a white background to set up the initial logo and this would help me to create the final designs in a wood effect using photoshop.

The three possible logo concepts were then sent to and family and friends for their feedback and thoughts.

Option three was finally selected after much deliberation and will now feature on all the designs produced for the business.

This is the first project for the “Wood Love It” brand; we are now looking to design their very own e-commerce website, social media platforms and company packaging and stationary.

This animation documents the whole process of the logo design from conception to completion.


Love it or hate it? I’d be happy to hear your thoughts?

Do you need a new or re-designed logo to fit your company or band, if so why not get in touch at lee@leemurfittdesigns.co.uk or call 07736300120

A new way to promote your Linked In posts.

Do you want your linked in posts to be more recognisable? Do you want you message to stand out from the crowd when scrolling through everyone’s updates? Well if so why not try a bespoke animation.

With a little Linked in loop hole I can create and design your very own company animations to post on your profile.

Still interested? Then why not get in touch at lee@leemurfittdesigns.co.uk  and we can discuss your next Linked in update.


View the LIVE link now and see how it looks on the Linked In page.

BIFM North “BIM, Soft Landings & Facilities Management” event poster.

As part of my voluntary role with BIFM North I was tasked to create an event poster to promote one of their latest networking events which will be happening on Wednesday 9th September 2015 from 08:00 to 11:00 at Manchester Metropolitan University, 53 Bonsall St, Manchester M15 6GX.

This event will be based around “BIM, Soft Landings & Facilities Management” and has three highly regarded industry speakers including:

This event will be a sponsored buy Integral UK Limited.

For tickets to this event please visit the Eventbrite website and with over 70 now booked on to this event already, you need to get your tickets fast!

For a live version of the promotion of this event please view our twitter feed. 



New artwork features in FM World Magazine

Hexagon FM Flyer

Will you be there? #BIFMNrthball15 Promotional Video

As we are nearing the final few months before our big #BIFMNrthball15  event which is being held at the Hilton Hotel, Manchester on Thursday 9th July 2015.

I have created a short promotional video to send out in our marketing campaigns, which will be distributed via email and all our social media channels to create the most exposure to our event.

After the success of last year’s event really wanted to make an impact a this years event and have got a fantastic night lined up, with a champagne reception, a 3 Course Dinner, Live Band and Live entertainment this year event will be bigger than any other facilities management event in 2015.

We estimate that there will be around 400 FM professionals in attendance to our event which will make it one of the largest social FM events outside of London.

For more updates and marketing on this event please search #BIFMNrthball15  on all social media channels.

If you are looking to boost your event, then why not get in touch at lee@leemurfittdesigns.co.uk.

Short Animations

With more and more digital marketing moving into video, than what better way to promote your brand or service. I have created a number of short clips that have help to promote events, services and bands why not take a look at some examples below and if your looking for a bespoke animation please get in touch at lee@leemurfittdesigns.co.uk





Will you be there? #BIFMNrthball15



What you missed at last year’s BIFM Summer Ball…

What you missed at last year’s BIFM Summer Ball…

Using last year’s footage i’ve created a short video to give the BIFM members and the public a sneak preview to what we did at our event last year. I was posted on all social media channels to increase the awareness of the event and sales of tickets.

View the YouTube clip below

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