“Wood Love It” Logo and Branding Designs.

I’ve just completed a personal project for a family member, whereby I created a bespoke logo design for their new wood cutting business called “Wood Love It”. As part of the overall design process one of the first jobs of the project was to develop a logo for their brand.

The next step was to develop various draft logo concepts, basing some ideas on the initial thoughts designed in adobe Illustrator.

Planning ahead to the design of the website and brand marketing, I knew that a wood theme would be used therefore I developed the logos on a white background to set up the initial logo and this would help me to create the final designs in a wood effect using photoshop.

The three possible logo concepts were then sent to and family and friends for their feedback and thoughts.

Option three was finally selected after much deliberation and will now feature on all the designs produced for the business.

This is the first project for the “Wood Love It” brand; we are now looking to design their very own e-commerce website, social media platforms and company packaging and stationary.

This animation documents the whole process of the logo design from conception to completion.


Love it or hate it? I’d be happy to hear your thoughts?

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A new way to promote your Linked In posts.

Do you want your linked in posts to be more recognisable? Do you want you message to stand out from the crowd when scrolling through everyone’s updates? Well if so why not try a bespoke animation.

With a little Linked in loop hole I can create and design your very own company animations to post on your profile.

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View the LIVE link now and see how it looks on the Linked In page.

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